On occasion you may want to request a change to the way that a photo is edited so that it is an accurate reflection of how the property needs to be presented to potential buyers. Requesting a change is easy and can be done right within the backend portal of your virtual tour by following the steps below. 

Step 1: Log In by visiting client.planomatic.com 


select “Tour Management” within your order email 

Step 2: Select the property you wish to access by clicking on the image to the left of the address

You will direct to the tour portal page, where you can make changes to your virtual tour

Step 3: Locate the image that you'd like to request a change to under the "Photos" tab

Step 4: Select the "Request Edit" icon below the image

Step 5: Select an "Edit Option" from the drop down list, type any comments into the "Comment" section, and select “Send Request” when you are ready to submit your request to PlanOmatic

Turnaround time depends on the extensivity of the request but we aim to complete the Change Request within 1 to 2 hours during normal business hours.

Changes to photos are requested through each individual image on the tour. If you have changes to the entire tour gallery or multiple images, create a change request for one of the images and list the issues for the full tour or list the image IDs for the images requiring specific attention. 

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