Most MLS providers do not allow brokerages to brand any property information being used in their systems. PlanOmatic provides two versions of the virtual tour, a branded version which includes all of your brokerage information and an unbranded with the brokerage information removed. To avoid any possible issues or fines, make sure to use the unbranded tour for your MLS purposes. 

MLS systems are different in each state and market. We cannot provide a specific procedure to link and upload to your MLS, as we do not have access to all of the systems across the country. That said, most MLS systems have a specific section to input your tour information. We recommend reaching out to your admin or marketing team for help with locating this field if you cannot find it. 

If you are located in the state of MA, you can link your virtual tour through our backend tour portal. For more information on how to do this click here

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