When downloading your photos and/or floorplans, you will notice a variety of options at your disposal. This is to ensure you have the most common photo sizes typically required for marketing a listing via digital and print methods.

Print Quality Zip (Original Size)

  • Print Quality photos are great for printing

  • 3600 (width) x 2400 (height) pixels

  • Floor plan image(s) are included

MLS Files

  • MLS websites work best with MLS File photos

  • 1200 (width) x 800 (height) pixels

  • Floor plan image(s) are included

Custom Size

  • Not seeing what you want? You can enter the dimensions of the photo size right for you

  • With custom sizes, you can email your photos to clients and share on social media

  • We start at 800 x 600, but you may size to your preference

  • Floor plan image(s) are included 

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