Not to worry! We would be happy to travel to your listing, but need your help to make sure that the photographer you’ve chosen can comfortably travel outside of their typical neck of the woods. 

After we calculate the travel fee required by the photographer and confirm availability, we can schedule your appointment and you’ll be ready to do what you do best - sell!

The way we calculate travel fees is simple, transparent, and consistent. For every mile outside of the nearest service area, we charge $1.15 and multiply that number by 2. The reason we multiply by 2 is to ensure we calculate the full amount of mileage for the photographer to drive round trip to you, and back home once they are done.

For example, if your listing were to fall 7 miles outside of the service area, you’d calculate the fee using the following equation:

7 x $1.15 x 2 = $16.10

Unsure if your listing is within a service area and carries an additional fee? No problem. Our friendly Client Experience staff is always happy to check for you when you are placing your order.

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