Photoshop can do wonders for a listing when the photos show less attractive features. It’s possible to bring a dead yard back to life, put a roaring fire into an empty fireplace, or make the sun shine on an overcast day. In some cases, we are even capable of removing furnishings from a room so buyers can get a better visual of the space. 

Our Classic Photo Package includes a blue sky treatment and green grass treatment on the primary exterior image. The Pro Photo Package includes blue sky treatment on all interior and exterior images, and green grass treatment on all exterior images. See below for our additional photoshop rates:

Blue Sky Treatment - $10/image 

Green Grass Treatment - $10/image

Virtual Fire in Fireplace - $10/image

Custom Photoshop - $49/image 

  • Please reach out to our Client Experience team at for custom photoshop requests. A quote will be generated based on the complexity of the request. 

If you’d like to order any of our photoshop services for your existing photos, please reach out to our Client Experience team at You can also reach out by phone at 866-599-7526 or by text at (720) 452-4059.

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