Here at PlanOmatic, we strive to provide you with a low-effort experience when placing your order. Your order can be placed over the phone or by visiting our simple online order form.

Information you will need to place your order:

  • Street address of the property

  • Estimated or exact square footage

  • Estimated or exact listing price

  • Any special instructions for our photographer

  • Features that you want to highlight, features that you want to avoid, etc.

  • Your credit or debit card

To place your order, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Log In by visiting

Step 2: Once in your account, select “Order a Photo Shoot Now”

Step 3: Enter the property information

Step 4: Select products and services

Step 4: Select the photographer

Step 5: Choose an appointment date and time

Note: By default, 3 upcoming appointment options will be suggested. If none of these options will work, clicking the "No - let me see the calendar" option will expose the full calendar view with additional options that the photographer has available.

If you need something farther in the future, click "I need something further out" at the bottom of the calendar to display available dates and times.

Step 6: Enter appointment details

From the appointment details section, clarify the property vacancy, the property access method, and any special instructions that need to be noted by the Consumer Support Team or Photographer

Step 7: Enter payment and place order

From the Payment Information section, you can enter the preferred credit card info, select an existing payment method saved to your account, choose to use an existing account credit if applicable. Any active promo codes will also be applied at this step.

Once the payment information has been entered, clicking the "Place My Order" button will submit the order.

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