Occasionally, you may want to delete photos from the virtual tour. This can be done easily with the steps below.

DISCLAIMER: We do not archive photos so we always suggest downloading the images before deleting any photos.

Step 1: Log In by visiting client.planomatic.com.


Select “Direct Login” within your order email. 

Step 2: Select the property you wish to access and edit under “PhotoPlans” by clicking on the Edit icon on the left hand side of the property address in the table.

Step 3: Scroll down to the “Actions” section.

Step 4: click on the Manage Photos icon.

You’ll be directed to the Manage Photos page.  

Step 5: On the Manage Photos page, there is a red X on the bottom right corner of each photo that will allow you to delete that specific photo.  

Step 6: A box will appear confirming that you want to remove this image.  Click OK

Now, that photo no longer exists on the tour. 

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