Landscaper running a bit behind? Painters need an extra day? We understand that things don’t always fall into place as planned from time to time.

PlanOmatic is happy to provide you with the utmost amount of flexibility in rescheduling your appointment by allowing you to reschedule up to the 2 hours prior to your appointment time with no additional fee.

To reschedule your appointment, simply give us a call or send us a message at and one of our Client Experience representatives will be able to help you move your appointment to a new time.

Helpful Hints

  • The more time we have prior to your appointment, the easier it will be to move your appointment to the specific time that you desire.
  • Try to give our Client Experience team a few different times that work, in case one of those times is unavailable. Make sure to note your priority for preferred each time.
  • Asking to reschedule within 2 hours prior to your appointment time will be considered an “Onsite Cancellation,” and will incur an additional fee.


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